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This is a requirement from our partners to maintain our discounts unique (;

What are the additional fees? was the first company to send you the final price, with all taxes included. We do this so you do not have surprises when it comes to paying. In value, we include the boarding fees, the ticket fare and a service fee, which is the remuneration of our staff! (;

Do you sell tickets for international flights?

Today, just national flights but we are negotiating and preparing some news to the next semester! (;

How the payment works?

You can pay via credit card or bank transfer.

How works the

Our partners tell us when there are empty seats on flights that will take off in up to 20 days

We negotiate the best discounts on these flights for you

You do a search at the top of the page and receives a link by email

Click on the link and you will see the flights and their prices in the Media

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